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PAC Membership Requirements

Any person shall be considered for membership in the Council who satisfies the following requirements:

A. A graduate degree in anthropology, archaeology, or a closely related field; or a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, archaeology, or a closely-related field, and two years of professional experience in a research, supervisory, educational, or administrative capacity.

B. A professional interest in Pennsylvania archaeology. This interest must be documented by the applicant and should clearly demonstrate how the applicant’s professional activity has contributed, or may contribute, to the advancement of Pennsylvania’s prehistoric or historical archaeology. This documentation may include:

1. Authorship of professional archaeological publications.

2. Authorship of archaeological papers presented at professional or professional/avocational meetings.

3. Authorship of archaeological contract or grant reports.

4. Development or implementation of archaeological educational or interpretative programs.

5. Administration or supervision of archaeological programs or projects.

C. Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon the positive recommendation of the Membership and Ethics Committee and a positive vote of a majority of the Executive Board. The Membership and Ethics Committee shall establish a schedule for the membership application process such that candidates are admitted in a timely manner after their applications are received.

D. All members of the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council must also be members of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology.

For more information, contact:
Seth Mitchell, 5020 Ritter Road, Suite 206, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055;
Work Phone: 717-881-2665, email: Membership"@"

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