Pennsylvania Archaeological Council

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PAC meeting (10 AM) and symposium with the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology meeting, April 6, 2018, DuBois, PA

The specific goals of the organization are:

  •  to actively promote legislation in the best interests of archaeology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
  •  to assist and advise state and federal agencies within the Commonwealth in matters pertaining to historic and archaeological preservation and to encourage the highest standards of professionalism in such matters,
  •  to promote informed and creative archaeological research and to provide a vehicle for its dissemination,
  •  to promote the education of both the public and private sectors in all archaeological matters,
  •  to establish ethical and research standards for the conduct of archaeology in the Commonwealth, and
  •  to provide both scientific and moral leadership in all archaeological matters in the Commonwealth.


The Pennsylvania Archaeological Council (PAC) is a statewide organization of professional archaeologists dedicated to promoting Pennsylvania archaeology.

All professional archaeologists with graduate degrees in anthropology, archaeology or closely allied fields and an interest in Pennsylvania archaeology are encouraged to apply for membership in PAC. Membership information is here. Additional information is available from Michael Stanilla, ASC Group, Inc., 801 East Park Drive, Suite 102, Harrisburg, PA 17111; Work Phone: 717-564-5705, email:

PAC holds two business meetings each year which provide professional archaeologists with both formal and informal opportunities for communication.  The fall business meeting is held at various locations around the state in conjunction with an afternoon workshop on matters related to archaeological practice. The Spring business meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA). 

PAC organizes an annual symposium held as the opening session of the SPA meeting.  Symposium topics are centered on the task of reviewing the state of knowledge about particular periods in Pennsylvania culture history. Both amateurs and professionals are encouraged to attend.  Papers from these symposia are currently being prepared for publication.

PAC has an active
public education program. The organization sponsors an annual essay contest for middle school and junior high students on why archaeological sites should be preserved. It also sponsors a traveling series of poster exhibits which tour various museums, libraries and historic sites mainly in Western Pennsylvania, and maintains a speakers' bureau of professional archaeologists willing to speak to the public about archaeology. PAC has developed a curriculum packet for middle school students concerning archaeology in Pennsylvania and is working to place supporting materials at Intermediate Units throughout the state.

PAC also actively monitors what is happening in compliance archaeology within the Commonwealth and consults with state and federal agencies concerning policy. PAC serves as a
consulting party for a number of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation projects. The organization works to be a voice for archaeological concerns in legislative matters. PAC maintains an alert network through e-mail through which information about matters of concern can be circulated among the members.